Entering the COD2 world!

March 3 2024

Welcome Call of Duty 2 players to our ranks!

20 years. That’s how long it will be next year since the release of this classic World War II FPS shooter. You may be wondering what makes us want to commit a section to this game when we have more popular titles like Valorant and CS2. Nostalgia? Maybe. We figured that even those, mostly family men now, might get a chance in today’s eSports team.

This is a bunch where some have played this title 14 years ago, others started a bit longer. Still, it’s admirable that even with minor breaks they have been at it for so long. More or less every one of them has managed to capture an imaginary place on the box during their playing days. This line-up, with one exception, has been playing together for three years now, and they have played several lan tournaments together, unfortunately lacking the shared success of a medal finish.

The section captain also had his say Pavel “toxaaz“ Štěpán:

“First of all, I would like to thank the GLORE management for the welcome and tell them how happy we are to defend their colours. We will definitely want to show ourselves in a good light in our little “oldschool” scene. The first event where you will see us will be the ICL60 lan event in Budapest.”

They will represent us at the already mentioned ICL60 tournament in Budapest, Hungary, where they will be the only Czech representative trying to shoot their way to the best possible result.

New CoD2 lineup:

Pavel “toxaaz” Stepan
Petr “lxk” Sokol
Tomas “evil” Poupal
Tomas “topyxZ” Topinka
Trako “swilla” Abdulah

Let’s hope that the boys will do well with us and their first significant placement will be under our colors. Welcome!


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