Svitavy and the GLORE journey to Europe

April 4 2024

We have completed the spring regular split and playoffs of our anniversary season at the Hitpoint Masters, in which we performed beyond expectations! The Grand Final in Svitava Factory didn’t go quite as we had hoped, but we are definitely leaving with our heads held high and motivated to do more.

We definitely didn’t enter our first season in the top league as a favourite or an aspirant for the playoffs. And even though there was an extensive rotation of teams in the Masters, no one expected us to attack the unshakeable number two seed. During the offseason, we were able to get stronger and the anticipation of the first games was palpable from all the players.

We had a great start to the competition! We managed to win the very first game, and even though the defeat came from Entropiq, we managed to bounce back and make a streak of four wins in a row, earning the respect of the other teams. After that, good performances alternated with worse ones, but finishing in the top two, and thus entering the playoffs at the top of the spider, did not escape us.

As they say in sports and esports, “playoffs are a different competition” and this rule was also true in our first elimination series in the Czech scene. We managed to catch Entropiq completely off guard and only allowed them to play one map. Advancing to the league finals and the EMEA Masters became a reality!

The legendary Svitavska fabrika, the Mecca of domestic esports, welcomed us to the finals and once again our opponent was the Entropiq team. However, this time it was a bit different BO5, the Greens were more confident and accurate in their decisions and managed to walk to a 3:0 victory.

The GLORE players, led by EdbyK, didn’t have as much experience, their nervousness showed and the forced substitution to the support role also played a role. The final didn’t turn out as we would have liked, but we have to evaluate this part of the season positively. We have gained a lot of experience, tested that we can compete with anyone and advanced to the EMEA Masters play-in, which is great news.

Our journey has started royally, but there is still a lot to do…



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