Report from ICL60 in Budapest

March 18 2024

During the past weekend, from March 8th to 10th, an event called ICL60 by Kebit in Call of Duty 2 took place in the Hungarian capital, which we also attended. We now bring you a report from the event.

Day 1 – trip to Hungary
We went to the tournament the day before on Thursday morning, because we had a morning group. Of course, the journey was not without various complications, and it took us a whopping 9 hours. Upon arrival, it was time to check in and visit the game room. Unfortunately, just like in Poland, we ran out and on the way back from the arcade we had a gift from a local policeman behind the windscreen wipers. The best thing about the whole day was a visit to a local restaurant called U Ferdinanda, where you not only get Czech beer, but also excellent food and friendly service.

Day 2 – Group A
Waking up at around 7am on Friday meant that the first day of the tournament was upon us. Arriving in the game room at 8am, plugging in the peripherals and a little after 9am the battle in Group A begins. I dare say that the first two games were going to be the right ones for us to get started, and that proved to be the case. First a win against OTPISANI 13:7 and then a win against our Polish neighbours from beBrave Squad 13:8. In the third round, HAUNTED awaited us, where the map selection in the form of Matmata did not suit us. This was matched by the result 13:3 against us. Fourth round and a close but safe win over Nolifers 13:10. Another problem occurred with the superQualities team on Carentan. In hindsight, this 13-5 loss cost us 1st place overall in the group. It should be noted that all of our wins came on Breakout, which was also the map where our last opponent Complexiii was waiting for us. After the first half the score was 8:4 for Kompleksiii and it could have gone either way, but few expected the comeback and subsequent victory. In terms of tactics and play, I dare say it was one of our two best games of the tournament. In the end we got 12 points in the group and 4th place. After the debacle at TLS in Prague, it was a change for the better.

Day 3 – rest and the start of the Playoffs
On Saturday we had a free morning, as Group C had to be played. There was a visit to the famous markets, some shopping and also lunch. Of course, where else but Ferdinand’s. The last group finished around 2 pm and we were waiting impatiently for our opponents. That was finally SuperQualities, who ran us over in the group at Carentana. After the first map was lost, the comeback came and we could enjoy the progress to the 2nd round of WB after winning 2:1 on the map. Here, however, the Hungarian no tag led by Kebit awaited us. A 2-0 loss and we drop to LB, where we will face Team Obscure on Sunday. Then it was off to our room, where we arrived around midnight, so it was off to shower and sleep.

Day 4 – end in PO and journey home
The last day of the tournament is here. We wake up to be on site by 8:00. After a slight delay by the gaming room operator, we sit down at the computers and play begins. As I wrote earlier, Obscure awaited us in the next round of LB. An unpleasant opponent and on our not so popular Toujane map to boot. The score was changing from side to side, but fortunately the match ended 13:11 in our favor. The next round we had to face another team from the group, namely Kompleksiii. Looking at the score, you could say that our opponent beat us smoothly. Unfortunately, due to our inability on both maps, we gave more rounds than we won. Of course, that can’t happen and losing 0:2 on the map is final for us. We pack up, say goodbye and head off to the Czech Republic.

In the end, we take the overall 7th place out of 20 teams. The result is not bad, but it could have been a bit better. In the future, we will try to avoid some mistakes and move a bit further as a team.


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